About Us

Welcome to 18 Holes of Clean! We're a team of golf enthusiasts who believe that self-care can be as refreshing as a day on the golf course. We created the Fairway of Fresh to share our love for the game and the joy of indulgence with everyone.

With a dedication to quality and sustainability, our soap bars are crafted using natural ingredients that not only pamper your skin but also protect the environment we cherish. Each soap bar embodies the essence of golf, capturing the spirit and relaxation that comes with playing the game.

At 18 Holes of Clean, we're committed to making your shower time a delightful adventure. We take pride in creating products that bring smiles to faces and leave you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the day.

A Refreshing Adventure Awaits

Imagine stepping into the shower and feeling like you're on your very own golf course. Our soap bars are like magic wands that bring the lively spirit of golf right to your bathroom. The cool scents, inspired by the lush green golf courses, make your shower time a special treat.

Jump into the Fairway of Fresh

Jump into the Fairway of Fresh with 18 Holes of Clean and make your shower feel like a refreshing journey. Feel the excitement of golf and the comfort of self-care all at once. Get ready for the Fairway of Fresh, where golf meets wonderful relaxation, with every single wash!

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